I truly believe that coaching is a partnership between
you and your coach, every coach is different, and it is
really important that you have the correct life coach, the
one that suits you, the one you feel COMFORTABLE with.
Therefore I offer a 30 minute COMPLIMENTARY
COACHING SESSION to make sure we are compatible,
as I believe this is of the utmost importance.


Is your work/business successful
with no time for your personal life?
 HEALTH Do you need more exercise, less
weight, less stress, better diet?
Do you have wonderful friends who
help you grow, or do your friends
appear to drag you down?
 SPIRITUAL Are you at peace with yourself?
Do you have time to reflect and
to find contentment?
Most of us have dreams, do you
want to live those dreams?
 WORK Do you want to change direction?
Are you in the right job?
 SELF Do you like yourself
Do you love yourself?
Is there room for improvement.
If you feel there is ANYTHING you would like to change in
your life, or improve in your life, or if you just feel you
need to smile more often, register for your FREE 3O minute
Life coaching session,
Sharon Kaye






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